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Фирма "Равера"The main activity of “Ravera” is design and production of non-standart equipment, assemblies and parts. The company also manufactures molds, dies and matrices according to customer’s documentation, on models or on its own development. The company pays particular attention to the feedback from the clients/users of its products, and along with the stated needs of the profesionals, creates own developments – specialized equipment as a perfect end product.

The copmany works with the best professionals in the industry: fitters, adjusters, program specialists, turners, welders, mechanics and etc.

Our equipment is used for:

  • production of metal constructions
  • building of pipelines
  • shipbuilding
  • bridge construction
  • automobile industry
  • petrochemistry / oil industry
  • gas extraction
  • road construction
  • mechanical engineering
  • energy and many other sectors
  • minning industry.

Its activity – manufacturing and mechanical repairs, the firm performs in manufacturing facilities located in Burgas, 5-th kilometer district, next to the Pump station.


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Non Standart Equipment